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North Shore Learning Associates (NSLA) is a private office in Long Island, New York dedicated to providing services to children, adolescents and adults with Learning Disabilities (LD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), developmental delays, and other conditions impacting learning.

They work with students who are classified by CSE with IEPs or 504, as well as with non-classified students. NSLA also provides therapeutic services addressing personality issues, behavior, social-emotional development, marital conflict and children of divorce. Services are provided by Dr. Howard Boll and Dr. Joan Bossis. Dr. Boll and Dr. Bossis provide parenting and family strategies, advocacy for CSE/504 meetings, as well as assistance researching private schools and colleges, the application process and career counseling.


Dr. Howard Boll and Dr. Joan Bossis each work with clients on an individual basis, providing psycho educational therapy by incorporating academic demands into tutoring and strategy instruction in content areas.

They also help individuals overcome and compensate for their learning differences, anxiety, frustration tolerance, acting-out behaviors, distractibility, inattention and lack of motivation.

Their intervention practices adhere to policies of the highest quality utilizing principles of neuroplasticity and right - left brain development. Interventions address individual emotional and behavioral difficulties, as well as cognitive and academic deficits involving thinking and problem-solving, self-regulation, meta-cognitive strategies, organization and study skills, attention, memory, as well as remediation and enrichment in reading, dyslexia, mathematical deficiencies, written and oral language development, and processing deficits.

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